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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun with Flowers!

I used to have this plain-jane lamp in my bedroom. There was really nothing special about it other than I got it from a good friend that was moving and the inside of the lamp shade had a little leopard print thing going for it. Other than that, it was just black: Black base, Black shade, just BLACK. And I have nothing in my room that's black so it stuck out- and not in a good way.

So, after some green spray paint, burlap, hot glue and a few fun flowers, I now have an awesome lamp that I love to show off!

I added this little fabric ruffle on the bottom to hide where the burlap was uneven.

I just stuck the flowers on with tape so I can change it if I want to...

The lamp looks great next to my new chair (still deciding if I'm keeping that fabric on the cushion) and now I have a great little reading spot in my bedroom!


I got a little carried away making those flowers, so I used some extras on a wreath for the front door. I had been wanting to make one of those yarn wreaths for awhile. It was super easy and I just pinned the flowers on so I can change it out as often as I like!
I picked the green ribbon because its what I had lying around, but then realized it's St. Patrick's Day- Bonus!

I think I'm done with fabric flowers for awhile, but I sure do like them...

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