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Thursday, March 17, 2011

World Map

Please excuse the terrible picture....

I made this map to help remind my roommate and I to pray for our world.I used a vinyl sticker I bought on Etsy and an old canvas I found on the curb.

On the backside I put some metal sheets so now its magnetized- every few days we move the magnet to the country we are praying for.

We are following along with this book:

It's a wonderful resource with all kinds of information on every country and gives specific prayer points as well.

This map hangs in our hallway where we walk by every day. It's a great reminder and bonus, we are learning some Geography!!

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  1. I found you from the map party. I love the way you use your map...we use ours to remember our missionary friends and to pray for them.

  2. #1. I LOVE this!
    #2. How in the world did I not know about this blog? Do I live in a hole?
    #3. I miss you.
    #4. You are correct. Burning the firebowl and the great trash explosion are both list-worthy.
    #5. I like making lists of five.


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