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Friday, May 27, 2011

It is Finished!

Remember this big guy I snatched up for free at the Houston Re-Use Warehouse?

Well, a few thousand staples and 4 yards of fabric later
It now looks like this...

I am really proud of how it turned out. Not only was this my first attempt at hard core re-upholstering, but I can honestly say it has been my toughest project to date.

Just to get to this, took me 5 hours... not to mention gave me some massive blisters!

I had to do a lot of research to even know where to start, but thankfully the blog world had lots of tutorials out there!
Plus, the place I bought all my supplies online had some super cool, and by cool I mean outdated but full of information, videos!
The sides were the toughest part. This is definitely not perfect, but for my first time and on a free chair, I think it's great!

One of the best parts of the project was that it forced me to purchase an air staple gun and air compressor! I have been wanting a reason to get those and since this would have been impossible with out it- I finally bit the bullet!

Here is where it sits as of today. I am not crazy about it next to the zebra chair, but I'm going to live with it for a little bit. I am also working on a stool, turned ottoman to go with the new chair. Hopefully that will be up soon!

Here are some details about the supplies I purchased from

Upholstery Tacking Strip, Metal, 27" Each3 $0.45 $1.35
27 Bonded Dacron / by the yard4 $2.75 $11.00
Upholstery Tack Strip/Cardboard1 $3.99 $3.99
Upholstery Supplies, Ply Grip by the running foot5 $0.38 $1.90
They were by far the most reasonably priced and you could buy what you needed without having to purchase large quantities of stuff. Shipping was a little slow, but other than that it was great!

The fabric is from a local fabric warehouse here in Houston.

I hope you all like the chair. It was tough, but so worth it. Really all it takes is a lot of patience. Oh, and about a thousand staples..but I already told you that!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

three becomes one

I have been collecting old chairs from various places over the past few months for a special project. After I found my last one a few weeks ago I was able to finish it out.

These were the chairs before, plus one that I had previously refurnished that you can see in this post
I got one from Goodwill for $6 and the other one was $2 from the Habitat ReStore

After painting, glazing, and a little woodworking, I joined the 3 chairs together with scrap wood and metal braces behind the legs.

I used 2 king sized pillows for the cushion, and covered them in this awesome fabric.

Now I have a fun, colorful, little bench!

Isn't it so cute!
I really wanted to add arms to both ends, but that proved to be a little beyond my skill level. Maybe one day!

It was originally going in the living room, but the colors match my bedroom so perfectly!

Plus, I have another project in the works for the living room...

This took me 4 hours on Sunday. Hopefully the rest won't be so bad!

I hope you like my bench! It was pretty easy to do, the hardest part was collecting the chairs. And, if I ever want to separate the chairs again, I can. I didn't have to make any real structural changes to them!

* I link my projects to the following amazing blogs whose links you can find on my side bar
- Todays creative Blog
- Someday Crafts
- Somewhat simple


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