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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Day!

So, I got married!

It would take forever for me to tell you every wonderful detail about this day, so I will just hit the highlights (you're welcome)

 Our wedding was in a favorite place of mine, Snowmass, Colorado. My super nice relatives let us use their gorgeous backyard for our reception and the ceremony was in the local chapel. 

Despite the forecast of rain, it was a beautiful, sunny day.  Over 40 of our closest friends and family made the trip and we were so blessed to celebrate with them.  The whole weekend was full of laughter, food, pedicures, hiking, exploring and did I mention food?  It was everything we had hoped for and much more!

Like I said, too many details to explain, so I will just leave you with these beautiful pictures taken by Jennefer Wilson Photography.  She did such a wonderful job and we are so thankful for the memories she captured! Click on the link for her blog post on our wedding!

 My bouquet was wrapped in lace from my mothers wedding dress and I wore jewelry from both my grandmothers

Our First looks!

wagon used for our littlest flower girl!
programs (format taken from this source)

even the fake deer dressed for the occasion! 
Beautiful flowers from Accent on Wildflowers

Reception tables complete with mountaintop views

Handmade luggage tags for party favors

We had a pie bar instead of cake! They were delicious.  The Pan and Fork Club was a delight to work with!

So there you go!  Our day was so special and I feel so blessed and downright lucky to be married to Matt. The past month has been filled with a two-week adventure through Alaska and British Columbia and unpacking an obscene amount of boxes!  

I am looking forward to posting more about the honeymoon and also updating you on the progress we are making in the house.  It's been a lot of fun turning Matt's bachelor pad into our home! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Projects Lately!

I could give a thousand explanations about why I haven't blogged in so long.  I could tell you how I had a busy summer with work, traveling, etc. But let's be honest- we all know how life can get busy and things just get put on the back burner. 

Despite the lack of posting, I have done a few projects that I wanted to quickly document.  I only have cell-phone pics of these so the quality isn't great, but this is just a quick upload-forgive me!

Hope you like what you see!  

Crib skirt for a friend's foster baby!

Camera strap- commissioned for a Birthday present

Large sign for a relative's dining room

Thanksgiving burlap wreath

Canvas for a Sailing buddy!

I got to take a quick trip to New York this summer! My friends were nice enough to let me go to the famous MOOD fabric store.  It was even better than I could have imagined!  

I made a few projects from the fabric I bought there.

Elastic sheared dress with removable straps!  Perfect for the British Virgin Islands!

Baby blanket made from this awesome jersey fabric 

Quick purse, just for fun!

Christmas wrapping

Re-covered lamp shade