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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Metal Art

This project can be time consuming, but it is easy and really makes a great gift.
All you need is a roll of soft metal found at Hobby Lobby and comes in sliver, copper and gold (I like the copper myself), a paint pen (the thin ones usually work best for script) and an embossing tool- not sure on the technical name for this

Begin by cutting your metal to fit a chosen frame, then print out a copy of a favorite scripture, quote or picture that would fit on the metal.

Tape the copy over the metal and then use the embossing tool to trace over the letters. You have to press down pretty hard. Depending on the font you use, it can take awhile! I also put a piece or 2 of craft foam behind the metal to give it some cushion.

Once you have traced the letters, remove the paper. You should be able to see the writing pressed into the metal. At this point, go over the letters with your paint pen. If you mess up, you can use paint thinner or mineral spirits to erase the paint, it shoudn't stain the metal.

I then place the metal in a frame. This is a great way to use those frames that are oddly sized or too overpowering for an actual picture. Most of the time I put the glass behind the metal before I put the back on to give the metal some stability.

Here are a few examples of other ones I have done. Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. One day I will have an awesome camera!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My favorite thing

My favorite thing about my bedroom is the headboard.

(please ignore the pillows, I'm working on it)

Besides being super cute, what makes it better is that I paid $5 for it at some random side of the road junk shop in the middle of no where. I wasn't exactly looking for it, but I was drawn to a pile of old doors and there behind a couple of beat up/ plain jane others, was this beauty. I have done nothing to it but add some hooks to the back to hang directly on the wall. It was this color, had this weathering and was even a smaller size than most doors. Its like it was made just for the purpose of being the headboard for my double bed!

I'm not even sure how I got it in my car, but I knew when I saw it (and the price tag) I had to have it! Clearly this door was meant for me and while other pieces may come and go, this one will stay with me forever!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chip Board coat rack

A friend of mine just bought a house so of course I had to make her something! Off to Hobby Lobby I went in search for inspiration!
Hobby Lobby has all their chip board on sale for $.99 cents this week. And the paper was 3 for &1.00!
Originally I was just going to decorate the letters and leave it at that, but I had these left over knobs from a dresser redo and thought they might look pretty cool so it turned into a kind of coat rack.

Basically, I mod- podged the paper onto the letters, drilled a hole for the knobs and used gorilla glue and small nails to connect the letters together in the back with scrap wood to give it a little more stability. So easy and total I think this project cost $6.00
I still need to add some kind of hanger on the back, but I think it turned out pretty cute!
Here is the back

And the final project! I hope she likes it!

PS: yes, that is actually a "W", but they were out of "M's"! You can't really tell can you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crazy Quilting

Crazy quilting is really fun, but not one of those projects you can finish in a day therefore I don't do it alot. However, for special occasions like babies and housewarmings, they make a great gift.

The best thing about it is that there is no wrong way to do it. I only know a few basic stitches, but so far that is all I have needed. The funnest part (excuse the grammar) is piecing all the different fabric together. I love to get sample pieces of upholstery fabric from places like JoAnns and Hobby Lobby. All the different textures and designs make for a fun, interesting piece of work.

I also know some women who work on crazy quilt projects as a team. Each person gets a chance to add an element until the project is finished. Then the recipient has a beautiful, handmade gift from all her friends. How cool is that?!

Here are a few things I have done -I am definitely not an expert, but it was fun thinking about each person as I spent time working on their pillow!

I gave this to a friend who was having her first baby. It has appeared in the background of many of their photos!

This one was for my mom one Christmas. It sits on her bed

This was one of the first ones I made for a very special friend.

Can you see all the different stiches and designs? Crazy quilting is definitely a way to express your creativity!