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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Laptop case

Breaking news, people… I BOUGHT A MACBOOK!

Ok, so I actually bought it a few weeks ago, but so far I love it! I was in desperate need of a new laptop since my 5 year old Dell that I paid like $300 for had a battery that wouldn’t charge, a screen that was breaking off and I’m pretty sure every virus ever created!

I hate making major purchases.  I went back and forth forever on what kind of computer to buy.  Do I spend a lot of money up front and get a laptop that will last me a long time even though I have no idea how to use one (Apple)?  Or do I go with a PC which are familiar, much cheaper, but won’t last as long?  Really I don’t use a computer all that much so a PC would have been fine, but in the end I fell victim to the shiny, sleek MacBook and bit the bullet.  Call me a conformist…my only consolation is that hopefully I won’t have to repeat that buying process for at least 10 years!

Well, I had to make sure this little guy would be nice and protected if I wanted it to last, so I made I cute little case for it.

 laptop case 002    

I didn’t really search that hard for instructions on how to make this, so I pretty much just guessed my way through.  I used duck cloth for the outside fabric and then just cotton fabric in a contrasting color for the inside.  In between the layers I used heavy-duty fusible interfacing- 2 layers for extra padding.  laptop case 003

I added a few embellishments and there you have it! A new little laptop case! This is a pretty snug fit, I probably should have added about an inch to my measurements, but I kind of like that it is in there pretty tight. I also sewed in some elastic tabs and snaps to keep it closed. laptop case 008laptop case 007

I took it to work with me and one of my co-workers liked it so much, she asked me to make one for her!  I was happy to and this one was even easier.  I love this chevron fabric!

laptop case 010laptop case 005

And I found another use for those giant buttons my grandma gave me!