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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crazy Quilting

Crazy quilting is really fun, but not one of those projects you can finish in a day therefore I don't do it alot. However, for special occasions like babies and housewarmings, they make a great gift.

The best thing about it is that there is no wrong way to do it. I only know a few basic stitches, but so far that is all I have needed. The funnest part (excuse the grammar) is piecing all the different fabric together. I love to get sample pieces of upholstery fabric from places like JoAnns and Hobby Lobby. All the different textures and designs make for a fun, interesting piece of work.

I also know some women who work on crazy quilt projects as a team. Each person gets a chance to add an element until the project is finished. Then the recipient has a beautiful, handmade gift from all her friends. How cool is that?!

Here are a few things I have done -I am definitely not an expert, but it was fun thinking about each person as I spent time working on their pillow!

I gave this to a friend who was having her first baby. It has appeared in the background of many of their photos!

This one was for my mom one Christmas. It sits on her bed

This was one of the first ones I made for a very special friend.

Can you see all the different stiches and designs? Crazy quilting is definitely a way to express your creativity!


  1. wow I have never seen anything like this. I really like it!

  2. Your pillows are very beautiful. I just learned to quilt and am working on my very first one for my daughter. It's waaaaay more work than I ever realized!


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