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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some wedding details


I was enlisted to help with a really fun project for the reception. The bride and groom both come from a legacy of strong marriages. She wanted to showcase this somehow so we came up with the idea of creating a photo gallery.  She was able to find pictures of parents, grandparents, great grandparents and I think great-great grandparents.  We printed the pictures off on 11X14 paper and used spray adhesive to  wrap them around foam board cut to 8X10.   I inked the edges and then gave them one coat of mod podge. It created a sort of gallery wrapped canvas look without the expense.


We took all the pictures and arranged them around one of their engagement pictures on this backdrop.  They are attached to the ribbon using duck tape. The banner just added some flare.  Simple burlap pennants with stenciled letters sewn on a white ribbon.

This was such a cool way to honor their families and acknowledge the legacy they come from!

DSC_0707It was neat to see people stop by to look at the pictures.  This picture is really sweet.  It’s the brides grandparents looking at the picture of themselves and their family.  I believe they have been married for 66 years!  They pretty much stood by this the entire reception telling everyone who the pictures were of.


This was the guest book.  Guest were able to sign their name, write and encouraging thought, etc on monogrammed cards and then hang it on the tree.  She had a sort of Cherry Blossom theme, so this went nicely with that!


The reception was held in the foyer of the church, which is quite large, but she did a great job at making the room feel a lot more intimate!  Isn’t this beautiful!


In all, this wedding was so beautiful and very much representative of the Bride and Groom. Not bad for a 4 month engagement!


  1. I love that guestbook idea. So ingenious!

    1. It was really pretty! They are going to make a book out of all the cards.

  2. love the photo gallery! they look so cool and professional. way to go!


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